“Karis Tax has provided very professional services to myself in respect to tax issues. I was very satisfied with their knowledge and services and the outcome. Will utilize Karis Tax in future for further financial advise and tax-related issues.”

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"Thanks to Karis Tax, I could get away from the headache of few-year late lodgement quickly and at my best interest as well. Their advice is reasonable and suitable to each of my situation. I highly recommended them!"

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Personal Tax Advice

"We have been a client with Karis Tax and Accounting Services from last ten years. I had some problems with expense handling and tax lodgement. After reviewing my accounts, Wiren believed that he could make some significant improvement and correction of errors made by previous accountant. I've been very impressed by the services I've received. Wiren is very efficient and provide us with a good quality services. His expert opinion and advice reflect his wealth of knowledge and expertise in taxation services. I would highly recommend Karis Tax and Accounting Services to everyone."

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Property Investors

"We have worked with Karis Tax for six years. Before that, our experience with previous accountant was not so good. He missed some of the deductions while preparing our tax lodgement, due to which we only got very little amount of refund. However, after discussing with Wiren, he helped us to amend it and get proper refund. He also assisted us to acquire some property by sorting out negative gearing matter. We have found his professional advice and investment options very well-researched and balanced to suit our portfolio requirements. We highly appreciate Karis Tax expertise and professional advice which we are fortunate to have benefited a lot from. We look forward to working with Karis Tax for many years ahead."

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Property Investor

“I have been a client with Karis Tax and Accounting Service for over 7 years and I am very much impressed with the works done by him in such a professional way. They take the headache out of tax returns and always lodge on time. They also take care of my contract payments, all the work related expenses, claiming the medical expenses and long services as well. They dealt with my investment property, negative gearing related to tax matter, disposal of investment property and capital gain. I would very much recommend their services to my family and friends.”

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Shares Investor

“We have been in the field of share investment, buying and selling for 30 years. Therefore, a lot of complexity arises in my business. But Wiren is taking care of my every complex matter and handling with his expertise very well. He has been dealing with all the disposal, purchasing new shares, capital gain, dividend and tax matters. He also takes care of my all the bank interests and term deposit very well. He dealt with my stock broker regarding my share reports and tax & accounting matters and has been lodging all my tax works in time. I am thankful to him for all his advice and I feel that all my works are in good hand and taken care of in a professional manner by Wiren.”

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Aqua Force Plumbing Services

“My previous Accountants made a huge mess with my bookkeeping, BAS ,GST and Tax lodgments. I went to Karis Tax and Accounting Services for help. They dealt with the Tax Office regarding my outstanding lodgments and I avoided a penalty. Then they completed all my accounting within the agreed time frame with the Tax Office. They have done an excellent job over the years. They are organised and remind me when I need to send documents to them. I would not hesitate to recommend Karis Tax.”

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MD Services

“I have been a client of Karis Tax since the start of their business. Wiren has always been helpful in so many ways. He maintains all of my accounts and solves any tax issues for me, dealing directly with the Tax Office on my behalf. However busy he is, he always answers my calls and replies to messages promptly. His services are very well priced. I would highly recommend Karis Tax to all my family and friends.”

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