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Depending on your business structure, you may need to file a tax return. Australian tax laws provide certain rules and policies for calculating amounts related to various taxes that being a business person you must be familiar with. You must be aware of the risks and penalties associated with tax returns.

A sole trader is an individual who runs a business solely and in his/her name. It is a modest form of business structure that involves a low-cost start-up. A sole trader is responsible for all business liabilities and the tax return is filed as an individual.

Setting up and running a business solely is quite simple, but you may find it complex and challenging to complete a sole trader tax return. So, it is always advised to take the guidance of a sole trader tax accountant to maximize the tax benefits and plan everything effectively.

At Karis Tax, our tax experts can help you get the best tax results for the monetary wellbeing of your business. We provide the most effective solution to your tax return filing issues. We have served thousands of sole traders in different locations across Australia to file their taxes conveniently and in a timely manner.

No matter what business you are running as a sole trader, our experienced and dedicated sole trader accountant ensures that you will enjoy a reliable and affordable tax return solution.

Services We Offer – Small Business and Big Potential

Although, being a sole trader, you are responsible for your tax obligations and other financial decisions. But, outsourcing your taxation related problems to a professional accountant can help you in streamlining the sole trader tax return process. We help you gain the confidence that your business is going on the success path it deserves.

Tax Accountant

We can help you with your business finances that include everything from managing your tax obligations to preparing documents. We also provide valuable guidance about the financial growth of your business. We ensure to maximise the tax deductions and minimise tax bills.


We keep track of your financial transactions on a daily basis, take care of your bank accounts, and even manage debts and liabilities. In addition to this, the sole trader accountant at Karis Tax also assists BAS and GST lodgements, even if your returns are overdue for years.

Yearly Assistance

We also provide year-round support for all your taxation and financial related activities. We believe in making your business well-organised, so that you can make great financial decisions under the guidance of a highly skilled sole trader accountant.

Why Karis Tax Accountant for Sole Trader Tax Return?

An accountant for sole trader must lodge a tax report each year. He/she must take the guidance of an expert to prevent the taxation or deduction of the key part of their income by the taxation authorities. We, at Karis Tax, aim to make your tax return lodging process easier and quicker.

Being a highly qualified and experienced sole trader accountant, we can help you file all kinds of the tax return. These include home-based businesses, ABN jobs, family businesses, or under partnership businesses.

  • We understand the fact that the things relevant to the tax return in Australia for a sole trader are different from those who come under the PAYG system.
  • The team is highly efficient to file your tax return quickly and ensure to get the maximum refund possible.
  • We analyse all aspects of your business, work deeply, and perform a review at each step of your tax returns.
  • No need to pay for the first meeting. Our CPA qualified sole trader accountant offers a free consultation, advice, and tips regarding taxation and other relevant information.
  • We charge an affordable fee for filing your tax returns.

We are here to help sole traders to lodge their tax returns with minimal efforts and give them peace of mind. We will also help you to complete the online registration, filing the tax returns will all required details and even upload the necessary documents with the desired payments.

Within a few seconds, you will get a confirmation email regarding filing your tax returns with the tax invoice. We personally check all the details before submitting them and ensure that everything is appropriate and accurate.

Don’t keep waiting to lodge your tax return. Simply get to us and make everything easy and fast.

Free up your Time with Karis Tax

The team of professional and trusted accountants at Karis Tax can provide the professional financial and taxation advice that will help you to set up and improve your sole trader business structure. Just speak with a professional accountant to understand the tax return process of a sole trader and discuss your unique needs.

Karis Tax works hard to provide a satisfactory outcome to so many small businesses. CPA qualified accountant, streamlined process, advanced software, and exceptional customer service make us stand out from our competitors.

We help you save time and money and give you peace of mind, which in turn, allows you to focus on running your business successfully.

When using an accountant for sole trader tax return services, you can count on:

Peace of mind

It would be good to know that an expert is performing all your tax-related activities and lodge a tax return.

Expert advice

We are always ready to clear your queries with satisfying answers and advise you with the best tax return strategy.

Quick response time

We don’t waste even a single minute. No matter what service you will choose, we will respond quickly with the expected results.

Whatever tax needs you have, Karis Tax can cover everything to minimise your tax and give financial advice on how to improve the revenue of your business.

With us, get a stress-free tax return process and enjoy focusing on your core activities.

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