Hassle-free Overdue Business Tax Lodgement with Karis Tax

There are chances that your individual or business tax return has been ignored for one or another reason. These can be either you are too busy, or out of the country or find it challenging to get your head around.

Luckily, it is never too late to do something about late and overdue business tax return lodgement. This job must always be your top priority as the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) never hesitates to use strict actions against those who are guilty. Do you know that you can be knocked out with an ATO tax audit anytime?

Whether you have overlooked one or 10 tax returns, never wait for the threatened prosecution of the ATO. Let’s give Karis Tax a chance to make things easier for you in filling your overdue or late tax return. We will start with some basic information and will tell you about the next process to follow.

We as a registered tax accountant provide late filing of tax return service and overdue tax return service and help you lodge your tax returns as quickly as possible. We are specialised in arranging late and overdue tax returns for businesses and individuals.

We understand that nothing is too easy or too complex. We can make any job stress-free by planning out things effectively and in a precise manner. We help you to get relief from the stress and burden of late lodging of the tax return and their penalties. It is recommended not to ignore your late and overdue tax returns. It will only end up adding ATO fines and penalties.

Late or Overdue Tax Return Service? We Can Help You with Everything

Our late filing of tax return service helps you to be up to date with your tax returns. We also provide guidance to stay on top of the future tax return rules and regulations.

If you are among 75% of Australians who always look for lodging their late or overdue tax returns with a qualified and experienced tax return accountant, we assist you to lodge your tax return at the deadline – 15 May of the next year.

Working with Karis Tax means you need to keep yourself stress-free from the process of lodging a late or overdue tax return. Just contact us to get your tax activities up to date.

If you are worried about overdue tax returns and are overwhelmed by ATO warning letters, we are here to guide you to get back on track. Whether you have fallen behind for one or another reason, or you have several overdue tax returns, getting your tax return up to date will give your relief from the hassle of meeting tax return obligations.

Don’t Stress, We can Help you Avoid or Minimise ATO Penalties

Are you tired of getting ATO warnings for your late or overdue tax return or lodging late tax return?

If you have missed one or more tax returns, ATO may take an action for ‘failure to lodge on time penalty’. It is calculated at the rate of one unit for 28 days or the time that documents are overdue. The maximum penalty units are five. You will be charged the penalty of $222 for every 28 days or the maximum of $1,110 depending on the time of late or overdue individual tax returns.

Karis Tax will get you up to date and reduce the penalties and interest charges by ATO. We have saved many of our clients from getting huge ATO penalties. We can also help you with ongoing tax return and get the outcome you want.

We will ask you for the required details to get started. All required support and guidance are provided to collect your tax information. We are here to ease your tax return, so if you are missing anything, we will assist you to sort out things without any hassle.

We cut down the paperwork, maximise your refunds, and will try our best to reduce the penalties imposed on you. The confidentiality of our clients is assured.

Why Karis Tax for Late and Overdue Business Tax Lodgement?

We always give focus on people understanding the situation that the sooner you complete late and overdue tax returns, the better would be. Avoiding the situation will never give the solution to the problem; instead, it will make the situation worse.

We don’t want our clients to face any such situation and get rid of the imposed ATO penalties and interest charges sooner. These penalties and interest charges get increased with time. The longer you delay in the overdue business tax lodgement, the more it will become difficult to get these penalties reversed.

The CPA qualified accountant at Karis Tax has helped thousands of clients across Australia to lodge up to 20 years of late and overdue tax returns. We have a proven record of negotiating hundreds to thousands of dollars from the ATO and give peace of mind to our clients.

  • We try our best to maximise your tax refund.
  • The right advice from a qualified expert will help you reduce the stress of late tax returns.
  • We make the tax return process quick with ATO Electronic Lodgement.
  • Your tax return is reviewed by a CPA qualified accountant before lodgement.
  • You will feel confident and get peace of mind when you know that you are getting overdue tax return service from a qualified tax agent.
  • We prepare a widespread checklist that makes sure to claim everything you are entitled to.
  • We lodge your late or overdue tax return without any kind of upfront fee.
  • We do not let you get behind on your tax or BAS returns.

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